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Services provided

Team evaluation of the needs of every child.
Individual and group programmes for work and social integration.
Providing health care and inculcating a healthy way of life.
Ensuring a safe environment.
Meeting physical and emotional well-being.
Education and skills training under:

1. Programs of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy for educational, defects- overcoming and compensatory activities.
2. Educational and training programs of the Resource Centre.

Speech problems diagnosis and therapy
Consultations and psycho-therapy.
Catering for cultural, linguistic and moral needs and promoting inter-personal relations.
Art, play, work-therapy and development of the individual abilities of the children.
Organising the children’s free time – rest, tourism, spa treatment and rehabilitation.
Preparation for leaving the establishment and for independent life through training to be self-sufficient and to acquire social and working skills.
Supporting and stimulating the relationships between children and their families.
Social consultation and work with the parents of children with disabilities.

Home for Children and Juveniles with Mental Retardation 'st. Panteleimon', village of Vidrare, Bulgaria