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Our principles

Principles Followed by the Staff:

- To be understanding, loving and patient.
- To combine compassion with reasonable demand for discipline and obeying the rules, the ultimate priority being the interest of the child.
- To show consideration and respect for each and everyone’s personality.
- To promote the notion of everyone’s life being meaningful and valuable.
- To get an insight into a child’s soul and to be open to communicate with a feedback.

We believe in:

- Team work;
- Work based on mutual understanding, affection and due attention;
- The unlimited potentialities of children;
- Ambient environment for children to live and work in;
- Good practices in Bulgaria and other countries;
- Work under projects for improving the quality of care, living conditions and work with the children and their parents;

Home for Children and Juveniles with Mental Retardation 'st. Panteleimon', village of Vidrare, Bulgaria